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Australian Promotional Products Blog

Australia's leading promotional products blog offering advice on sourcing the right branded merchandise for your company and a range of client promotional marketing case studies

From Little Mouths

WHEN IT'S TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE... After years of uncontrollable laughter following something ridiculously cute, funny or inappropriate coming out of my daughter's mouth, I decided it was time to share the love. And so began 'From Little Mouths'; a place where we can all enjoy the fun, lighter side of parenthood!

Setting Fitness Goals The SMART Way (Without Working Up A Sweat)

Most fitness journeys begin with setting fitness goals when you realise there is a problem with your health or the way you look and feel. And then you realise the solution to this problem. Setting fitness goals and making lifestyle changes is that solution. Setting fitness goals is ideal for chasing success. But to keep yourself from failing to reach them, make your fitness goals SMART. You’ll be very surprised at how easy it becomes to achieve what you set out to do. This blog will teach you the most effective goal setting techniques and strategies. You’ll learn how to set SMART fitness goals and how to track your progress. Follow these guidelines to make your objectives far more reasonable, smart and doable.

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ALP Socialist Left Forum

A forum for ideas, strategy and policy for the ALP Left and sympathetic fellow-travellers. From an ALP Left veteran activist of over 20 years. Join in the discussion or even submit your own material for consideration. The publisher (Tristan Ewins) can be contacted via Facebook.

Australia Visa Timeline Tracker

I've applied for my Australian visa, when will it be granted? If you’re applying (or about to apply) for an Australian visa, you want to know how long it’s going to take to be granted. This is understandable, as you’re eager to start your new life in Australia. Having such information will also allow you to get on with other crucial steps in the immigration process. This can include knowing when to put your house up for sale – too early and you may have to move into temporary rental accommodation if your house sells and your visa hasn’t been granted. Conversely, if you delay putting your house up for sale, you may end up with your visa being granted and not being able to move as your house hasn’t sold and your equity is tied up in the property. Other things to consider are knowing when to organise international removals – shipping your goods to Australia takes several weeks. Knowing when to start job hunting, arranging for your children to finish school etc. As you can see, being able to accurately predict when your visa will be granted is very important. This is where using an Australia Visa Timelines Immigration Tracker come into its own. The tracker allows you to enter key dates about your visa application and compare them in tabular format with lots of other members worldwide. You can look at who’s applied for the same visa as you, the same dates as you, from the same country, occupation etc. Armed with this information, you should be able to predict when a visa grant is likely.

Free Project Management Templates

Techno-PM is a premium source of free project management templates and articles.

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For all your interior design needs

Want to know how to design your living room? Free ebook For all your design needs

Storage Melbourne

MightyBOX: Best Storage Melbourne and Self Storage Melbourne – offering one of the Melbourne Cheap Self Storage Solutions for home or business storage in Melbourne. Director Mario Lambiase established the company in 2008. Since our first delivery, our aim has been to provide 100% customer satisfaction in regards to affordable storage solutions Melbourne. Having experts in personal storage and commercial storage.. We make self storage easy through our step-by-step mobile system. The state-of-the-art weatherproof storage unit is delivered right to your doorsteps. Pack and load your stuffs and we collect the storage unit when you’re done. Our professional and well-trained team brings back the unit to the safety of our storage facility. We constantly upgrade our security features to make sure your safe keeping . Our commitment to our service and our dedication to making our customers satisfied and loyal keeps us striving to provide no less than the best storage solutions. Our Self Storage Experts help you with moving, relocation, storage and packaging in the Melbourne regions. No matter what your storage requirements are, MightyBOX self-storage can provide you with the space you need in the heart of Melbourne, Australia . Give us a call today on 03 – 8842 3850.

Our Tasmanian Life

Track our adventures as we move from Sydney to Country Tasmania to manage our friends vineyard.

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Digital Estate - Local Business Marketing Australia

Digital Estate help you claim your territory online through digital training on the blog, one on one consultations and our quality local marketing models. Building an empire online that drives new sales and business growth is an important aspect to any marketing strategy. Consistently, Digital Estates clients save money marketing through digital assets and minimising losses through less effective marketing strategies. Think of all the people who are looking for your business online right now through Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and many other online assets. Gaining access to this traffic and directing it directly to your offers and not your competition is the fastest way to generate sustainable business growth. Our blog covers quality tips to help you grow your business faster and at less cost. From building online assets, websites and listing you in multiple locations across the web, you too can build a business that markets for you while you sleep, drives sales while you eat and helps you reach more customers and help more people in your area. Isn't it time you claim your territory!

Emigrating to Australia

Moving to Australia? Pomsinoz is a discussion forum providing free migration and visa assistance. Get free help from other members and migration agents. In addition to the forum, the site also has migration blogs, articles and photo galleries.

Wordpress Australia Blog

Learn how to build a website using wordpress. Get detailed tutorials, guides and tips on building a website with popular content management system wordpress. The all in one solution to make a website or blog or business website.

The Empathy Gift Co

My Blog details my experiences in life that relate to my new business, The Empathy Gift Co - We specialise in delivering healing wellness Gift boxes for people going through challenging times; Grief, Divorce, Anxiety/Depression, New parents, Illness/Cancer as well as celebrating gift boxes for Birthdays and Mothers day. I write about my personal experiences in the hope that I may be able to add value and support to someone going through a challenging time.

Sally Grandy

TrainSmart Australia was established in 2007 and has been delivering high quality, superior training to thousands of people across Australia. We are a well-respected and established Registered Training Organisation approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and excel in delivering a first class standard of training, which is both educational and vocational. We like to write about everything and anything relating to training and learning, so take a look at our blogs which may help you to decide your future study options.

Memoir on first fourteen years of life as incarcerated by her parents in Ireland. Escaped through help by Salvation Army to live in Australia now runs a successful blog helping other Complex PTSD suffers cope with trauma associated systoms. Advocate for those coping with the Mental Health System. Professor of Sociology.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Looking for floor sanding or polishing in Melbourne? You've come to the right place! We're Best Floor Sanding Melbourne and we are one of the area's top floor sanding companies. We work in the west, east, south, and north-western suburbs as well as the south-east. Our talents include gap-filling, staining, recoating, cleaning, and more. You'll get a great cost quote and won't find a better floor sanding price anywhere else. Check out our customer quotes, reviews, and testimonials. We're not the only ones who think we're a great floor sanding and polishing company. Our Services What do we mean by "and more" when it comes to our talents? We perform the following services: * Timber floor sanding * Timber floor staining * Timber floor repair * Vinyl floor polishing * Buffing and oiling * Gap filling, staining, recoating, and cleaning We Work in Melbourne Suburbs If you need floor sanding in the Melbourne eastern suburbs, hire us! If you need floor polishing in the Melbourne eastern suburbs, hire us! Best Floor Sanding Melbourne works in the west, east, south, and north-western suburbs. We also do floor sanding in south-east Melbourne. We're affordable and we do a great job. Our floor sanding price in Melbourne is cheap and cheap floor sanding is hard to find. Help Your Timber Floors Last a Lifetime Let Best Floor Sanding Melbourne care for your timber floor and help it last a lifetime. Sanding, staining, and repair can significantly extend the life of your floor. Floor sanders can cost a lot. Please, take advantage of our cheap floor sanding in Melbourne and extend the life of your floors. We can fill the gaps, re-stain, re-coat, and prevent permanent damage to the underlying timber floor. Keep Your Vinyl Floors Looking Amazing No timber floors? I bet you have vinyl. Vinyl floor polishing is another one of the many services we provide. We'll make your floors shine. Floor polishing in Melbourne is our speciality, timber or vinyl. We'll take great care of your floors and significantly extend their life. Don't replace the whole floor when you can hire a repair company that's affordable and will make your floors shine like Best Floor Sanding Melbourne!

IT Support

We provide managed IT services & support in Melbourne VIC area. We are also known for our quality it services & support in Ringwood, Doncaster, Dandenong.. We provide IT Support for Small business in Melbourne.. If you searched manged IT services Melbourne and stumbled upon our site on the internet, that is because we are the authority in IT services. if you are looking for Affordable IT support in Melbourne area, Feel free to give us call on 1300 350 509 or visit us at

Pendant Lights Australia - The Art Of Hanging Your Pendant Lights

Alpha Lighting and Electrics is an Australian owned online lighting retailer. We specialise in many different types of lighting and although we are new to the online retailer scene, we are growing rapidly due to the extreme customer satisfaction that we pride ourself on. This is where we defer from the competition. Check out our latest blog on the art of hanging your pendant lights and chandeliers.

Fast Marriage Help - DIY Marriage Counselling

Relationships can be difficult, more so when what should have been said a long time ago (or even yesterday) hasn’t been said. We let the walls build up in our minds and hearts and finally there is just so much pent up sadness, anger, frustration and confusion that we no longer feel safe saying anything. When you finally do say something your partner feels sniped at, nagged, criticised and controlled and pushes back….….and it’s a downward spiral. More walls are built, less is said, the weight of pent up thought, feelings and emotions hang heavy. How close is this to describing your situation? The good news is that this doesn’t have to go on any longer and if you and your partner take action you can avoid your marriage becoming another number in the divorce statistics. I want to help you help yourselves. At Fast Marriage Help couples will learn an improved method of communicating that allows what needs to be said, said and does so in a way that both partners can feel safe enough to be open and honest enough to communicate fully and effectively and you can use this technique in the comfort and convenience of your own home. So, how does DIY Marriage Counseling/ DIY Couples Therapy actually work? The fastest way to get your relationship back on track is to Get Relating Relationships need two people who can relate to each other. Simple is it not? And relating is done via communication. You will notice that people who are in poor relationship have stopped communicating. That is stopped talking. You will also know it’s hard to get restarted! So to break the ice and get re-started, I want you to enter into a period of formalized communication. This is, after all, what you are essentially doing during standard marriage counseling. What is really cool is that I’m going to share with you an amazingly simple technique that most relationship counselors won’t know about and you will get back to very high levels of relating – or relationship very quickly. I’m going to teach you how to fish so you can choose whether to forge ahead and do your own DIY Marriage Counseling / DIY Couples Therapy or be a co-creator with a counselor (it’s very powerful stuff and your counselor will love you for it – they have to DO LESS and you will achieve more!) Why formalized communication? Let’s face it, if you’ve gotten to this point any more poor communication between you and your partner is not a good thing. You don’t really have that many shots at it so you want to make the most effective use of your time and effort and you really don’t want to go backwards (which can be a real risk). Formalized communication sets out rules, boundaries, time frames and makes a space for people to express themselves (without hurting another) whilst really being heard. Couple the framework of this formalized communication and two partners willing to work together to rebuild the relationship and you’ve got a recipe for success! Meet Them Where They Are At You need to go and ‘meet them where they are at’. Not only that, you want your partner to meet you where you are at. You want to make yourself understood. Your partner wants to be understood. Where you have mutual understanding you have a connection. You build your side of the bridge out a bit, they build their side of the bridge out and bit by bit – bingo! A completed relationship bridge. Introducing THE BRIDGE DIY Couples Therapy™

GSE Business Consultants Business | Consultant Sydney

GSE Business Consultants work with small business owners and help them with plans and strategies for growth, systemisation and exit planning.
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