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From Little Mouths

WHEN IT'S TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE... After years of uncontrollable laughter following something ridiculously cute, funny or inappropriate coming out of my daughter's mouth, I decided it was time to share the love. And so began 'From Little Mouths'; a place where we can all enjoy the fun, lighter side of parenthood!

Fly your freak flag

So have had recent realisation that me and my nearest and dearest may not be normal. Much soul searcing later, decision made will 'fly my freak flag' loud and proud. Well loudish, have not shared intention to share life in my family with internet world. But when I get to place of courage (Read: very drunk) will make full disclosure, until then welcome to my world of maddness....


"Cush over Cairns" is an irreverent, skitterish satire, examining local politics, the role of the media and the community of Cairns in Far North Queensland. Follow the antics of Mayor Colonel (Retired) Ken Cush and his Council written with humour and wit in regular episodes by local writer, Terry Vance.

Things Australians Love

A site dedicated at all things Australians love, including, but not limited to, the idea of surfing, pies, beetroot on burgers, and of course the bloody weekend.

The Midnight Ramblings of a Would-Be Renaissance Man

A collection of humorous prose and whatever other absurdities pop into my mind in the small hours of the morning.

Explosion Of The Inner Monologue

You know those moments when you have something to say but for some reason or another you just can't say it aloud? Those moments where it may be socially unacceptable or politcally incorrect to voice those opinions so that all can hear it. (Even though you know others may be thinking the exact same thing!)

Topical Cartoon

Topical Cartoon is a blogspot which comments on news events as they happen in Australia, or overseas. The cartoons are drawn by Al Benge - a Queensland based cartoonist.

We’re at the pub. What are we talking about?

Imagine we were at the pub chatting, what would we be discussing?

Mind The Gap

A very funny satirical blog about Australian news, current events, politics and entertainment. Sydney's most popular A4 commuter magazine.

Domestic Daze

An occassional diary about life, and the funny side to it. Living and sharing the concept of when life is being harsh or boring, offering a large rasberry straight back as a great option.
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