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For Laughs - 50 Reasons Why Our Parents Shouldn't Use Technology is a site dedicated to celebrating - but mostly laughing at - our parents and their (mis)use of technology.

A wheel within a wheel

Tasty grey matter. Honest.

Status Quo Ante - A life lived 160 characters at a time.

Status quo ante is Latin for the way things were before so it seems a fitting name for a blog that catalogues the history of my favourite personal (i.e. original) Facebook status updates. Each one comes with clarifications, background notes, further anecdotes and/or unrelated musings as required.


Maybe the best way to describe tbaoo, is by presenting some feedback: tbaoo is foolish, stupid, inane, idiotic, vacuous, asinine, pointless, senseless, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, informal, dumb, daft and just plain silly. That means we're on the right track. It's supposed to be a place for a laugh or even sometimes, a more sensible thought. Enjoy the nonsense, there's lot's of it and it will continue...


Scratching my own funny bone for shits and giggles. Lampooning books, music and being a single woman over 40. Recording observations with an almost Seinfeldian obsession for the minutiae of life. Things can get sweary around here. You understand

Op Shop Fails

This blog is dedicated to the oddities found in op shops, flea markets, garage sales and the like. Take a look and see for yourself. Trash, or treasure? Op shop (Australia/N.Z.) (from "opportunity shop"), is a retail establishment operated by a charitable organisation for the purpose of fundraising.

The C'n'B Files

The C'n'B Files is a collection of found cock'n'balls graffiti and suggestively shaped objects. C'n'Bs are timeless, intercultural and widespread, they are an enduring symbol of the human condition. Whats more, C'n'Bs are everywhere and they are funny!

Dadding It

Stories from my experience as a stay at home Dad.

Tottering in the Zephyrs of Escapism

Prepare to be embroiled in the extraordinary, from music to culture, elitism to primitivism. A year or two ago, my eyes have been critiqued as bulging out slightly whenever surprised (not unlike David Tennant’s, except his is executed with flair and with women and men salivating opposite the silver screen).

Op-Shop Stuff I Found

A collection of Absurd stuff that no one wants. With my mobile phone camera in hand I hit the op shops to take photos of stuff that no one will buy. Here is a photo journal of those finds. Yes some stuff on this site is ridiculous, odd, and even a little embarrassing – That’s the beauty of it. The reason these items are in Op-Shops is that someone originally owned it. That’s what this site is about.
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