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For Laughs

First On The Wall

First On The Wall is dedicated to everyone who believes natural selection has begun to fail us. Yes, stupid people are procreating and somehow we must stop them. How do I propose to do that? Well, I have no freakin’ idea but that ain’t goin to stop me from trying…so stay tuned as I delve in to the world of a man who hopes he won’t be one of the first on the wall come the revolution…and if you happen to be one of the stupid ones I mentioned previously, do the world a favour and sterilize yourself. Getting grumpier by the day, FirstOnTheWall

The Blowfly

The Blowfly is a satirical look at Australian political issues from the perspective of a blowfly sitting on the shoulders of our politicians.

I'll Think of a Title Later

I write about anything and everything, and try to find a sarcastic, humorous twist on all of life's issues.

Changing My Life in 365 Easy Steps

A blog about a housewife searching for her identity one adventure at a time. From fake tan fiascoes to yoga disasters; from learning to ride a motorcycle to busking at a graveyard, this housewife means business. Groundhog Day is officially over!
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