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18th Century Historical Trekking and Camping and Living History.

About Us. We are an 18th century Living History group. Our main area of interest is in the New World and our period is 1680-1760. But we also research this period in Europe and the British Isles.

The Cake Mistress

About the best things in life: baking and desserts! With free recipes for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, brownies and more. Includes videos, articles, book and cafe reviews and upcoming food events and festivals. Also connects cake lovers with fun food-inspired clothing, accessories, and items.

Sub Rosa Gardens

Look inside our secret gardens - what's there, why they are so important and how to keep it green!

Arts and Crafts on the Gold Coast

Display of my craft creations.


I make all sorts of items from vintage chenille, Including childrens clothing, heat packs, home decor.

The Vintage Post

The Vintage Post is an online hub that brings you closer to vintage. We take you far beyond the objects themselves.

Come and meet the people behind your local vintage stores.

Learn about the history of the vintage items you love.

Be introduced to collectors of things you didn’t even know existed.

Discover new places to shop for vintage treasures.

Be inspired by the vintage bloggers in our modern world and Fall in love with vintage for even more reasons.

TVP is also a forever growing online reference website for all things vintage.

Miss Monny Quilts

I retreat into my own little space to get some well deserved therapy of sewing, quilting, photos, books, patterns and all things tactile! Join me in my little world...


I am a mother to three children now under four and can't get enough of them or sewing for them! I am on a mission to learn all I can about sewing and over-locking techniques and would love to hear from you and read your comments. I have a couple of tutorials coming up and am trying to stop buying so much fabric! I love sewing from Ottobre` magazines, my simply styled Japanese books and patterns I have drafted myself. I love looking at other peoples' blogs and being inspired as well as inspiring. Come on over and visit my site at any time

the scrooz blog

our site is all about fixings, fasteners, screws, bolts and hardware and how to use them in DIY and construction

KayB's Cakes

Weekdays I’m a marketing and publicity assistant, weekends I’m a cake decorating enthusiast. After graduating University I developed the post-graduation hobby of baking. Self taught (thus far), my first cake was a ‘1 up mushroom’ cake for my younger brothers 18th birthday. This blog follows my adventures in cake decorating and recipe development, plus other foodie adventures
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