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Australian Internet Marketing

Australian Internet Marketing Blog with Sean Rasmussen. Mindset, Personal Development and Marketing Strategies from one of Aussie's top Affiliate Marketers.

Johns Veiws And Weekly Topics

Just A Personal daily Blog Where Readers Can Gain Inspiration Into Life's trublbes and follow closely on a daily or weekly basis.

Little Miss Moi

An attempt at a funny blog about an Aussie expat who lived in Ukraine, and has just returned to Australia with a baby (and her husband).

Andrey's Adventures in Austrlia

My life in Russia was a fight: thinking the way others did not think and behaving the way others did not behave. It was tears and laughter. I left Russia for Australia. Life in Australia brought more fun.

Walk The Walk

Im a very driven and outgoing individual never shy of sharing my view on things. I give credit where its due and I radically payout on things i dont like. These are my thoughts feel free to comment on them... I dont think im perfect but im continually searching for perfection.

Mathew Packer - a blog about me + stuff

My name is Mathew Packer, my friends call me Mat or Packer. I live on the east coast of Australia in a beautiful city called Newcastle with my wife Cath, and our dog Cherry Bomb, and this is my blog. I’m a husband, photographer, blogger, entrepreneur, freelance web designer, editor, website publisher, 9-5 worker, golfer, sometimes-handy man, and generally a pretty nice guy.

Making Honey

A glimpse in the life of the owner of Honeybee Toys here we share a scrap book of our life including how we celebrate as a family, ideas for imaginative play, family activities, art & craft activities, book & movie reviews, and of course new toys from our shops - natural, wooden & organic baby toys.

World Wide Jeb

A gay Aussie bloke in Melbourne. Loves beer, men, metal music, and falling over.

Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum

The weblog of a Miscellaneous Mum as she combats motherhood, marriage, writing, and all the things life has to offer.

Dot Counterpoint Dot

Dot Counterpoint Dot is Newoz' grass patch in which he communicates his emotions, his thoughts, his photographs and rants to the world. Quirky, odd but nevertheless unique and personal, this blog is his new endeavor at blogging after years of owning a successful photoblog.
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