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Science / Technology

Good, Bad, and Bogus

This blog is about science and science journalism: good, bad, and bogus. Posts are often about the implications science has on society and about the impact science and politics have on science and its communication. The author, Michael Slezak, is a philosopher of science and freelance science journalist.

Two More Gaps

Thoughts from a Perth based skeptic/atheist on current events regarding science, astronomy, evolution and atheist/religious activities. Blog title based on the joke about new fossil finds don't provide the missing link, they just create two more gaps in the record.

Angela Lewis Consulting

I am a self-employed IT consultant with a PhD in Education. In this blog I address a variety of topics and trends related to my interest in IT, learning, e-learning, social media, the intersections of society and technology, change management and green computing. Blog - Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing and SEO Blog

The Bruce Clay AU blog has information, news and thoughts on Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, and Analytics

Gizmodo Australia

In the future, humans and technology will undoubtedly merge to form a super-being melded of metal and flesh, with omnipotent powers and a thirst for power benevolent heart. When that day comes, it's fairly safe to say that the prototype will be a Gizmodo Editor.

Tech Wired Australia

Tech Wired Australia, where we talk tech, and you listen.


Julian Cole treks through the flow of news at the cusp of technology and advertising to find the information to keep you up to date with the future of the industry.

Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker Australia is a technology blog which offers tips, tricks and shortcuts for organising your day. Part technology guide, part productivity tool, Lifehacker is a guide to software downloads, web sites, DIY projects, how-to
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