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Stuart Edwards' New World Order Resistance Blog

The agenda for a global government, the truth behind the lies in the mainstream media, the depopulation agenda, the carbon tax scam, humans do not cause global warming, mankind does not cause global warming, bilderberg, trilateral commission, CFR, Obama, Sustainable Development, Water, Fluoridation, fluoride, Vaccines, poisons in vaccines, dumbing down, predictive programming, NLP, debasing humanity, Illuminati agenda, Banksters, Engineered financial collapse

Nic's News

An Aussie living in Stockholm with a Canadian and two beautiful little tri-citizens. Why are we in Sweden I hear you ask..... because this is where we want to be, for now. But life is not static and tomorrow is not predictable, who knows where we will be the day after tomorrow. Probably still here.


An alternative news blog with opinion about current events in governance in Australia and around the world

Robert Elliott Lang

Look,humans are complicated beings I comment on everything,being a vegetarian who manages a pub,teaches kickboxing/MMA,Im your complicated social being!
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