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Fast Marriage Help - DIY Marriage Counselling

Relationships can be difficult, more so when what should have been said a long time ago (or even yesterday) hasn’t been said. We let the walls build up in our minds and hearts and finally there is just so much pent up sadness, anger, frustration and confusion that we no longer feel safe saying anything. When you finally do say something your partner feels sniped at, nagged, criticised and controlled and pushes back….….and it’s a downward spiral. More walls are built, less is said, the weight of pent up thought, feelings and emotions hang heavy. How close is this to describing your situation? The good news is that this doesn’t have to go on any longer and if you and your partner take action you can avoid your marriage becoming another number in the divorce statistics. I want to help you help yourselves. At Fast Marriage Help couples will learn an improved method of communicating that allows what needs to be said, said and does so in a way that both partners can feel safe enough to be open and honest enough to communicate fully and effectively and you can use this technique in the comfort and convenience of your own home. So, how does DIY Marriage Counseling/ DIY Couples Therapy actually work? The fastest way to get your relationship back on track is to Get Relating Relationships need two people who can relate to each other. Simple is it not? And relating is done via communication. You will notice that people who are in poor relationship have stopped communicating. That is stopped talking. You will also know it’s hard to get restarted! So to break the ice and get re-started, I want you to enter into a period of formalized communication. This is, after all, what you are essentially doing during standard marriage counseling. What is really cool is that I’m going to share with you an amazingly simple technique that most relationship counselors won’t know about and you will get back to very high levels of relating – or relationship very quickly. I’m going to teach you how to fish so you can choose whether to forge ahead and do your own DIY Marriage Counseling / DIY Couples Therapy or be a co-creator with a counselor (it’s very powerful stuff and your counselor will love you for it – they have to DO LESS and you will achieve more!) Why formalized communication? Let’s face it, if you’ve gotten to this point any more poor communication between you and your partner is not a good thing. You don’t really have that many shots at it so you want to make the most effective use of your time and effort and you really don’t want to go backwards (which can be a real risk). Formalized communication sets out rules, boundaries, time frames and makes a space for people to express themselves (without hurting another) whilst really being heard. Couple the framework of this formalized communication and two partners willing to work together to rebuild the relationship and you’ve got a recipe for success! Meet Them Where They Are At You need to go and ‘meet them where they are at’. Not only that, you want your partner to meet you where you are at. You want to make yourself understood. Your partner wants to be understood. Where you have mutual understanding you have a connection. You build your side of the bridge out a bit, they build their side of the bridge out and bit by bit – bingo! A completed relationship bridge. Introducing THE BRIDGE DIY Couples Therapy™

GSE Business Consultants Business | Consultant Sydney

GSE Business Consultants work with small business owners and help them with plans and strategies for growth, systemisation and exit planning.

The Best Air Fryer for 2017

In today’s rapid world, more people are now opting for healthier meals because they know it will help them to stay fit and protect their health. For those who really love to enjoy fried food, it’s hard to simply curb their cravings. However, you should know that you will be able to make & eat fried foods without any risk through the use of an air fryer. That is why opting the best air fryer could be a better, healthier & economical option for frying food.

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Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior is here! Check out the Aussie Ninja Warrior blog for all your pro tips, obstacle techniques, training manuals, gyms, blogs and advice. We've scoured the US to bring the best information back to Australia.

PRINTO - funny T-shirts and personalised gifts

Welcome to Printo - Australian blog that will guide you through the amazing world of gadgets, personalised gifts and best presents. Struggling what to buy for your friend, family member or your special one? Printo online store is your ultimate destination for personalised and cool gifts. We have a great collection of funny T-shirts, novelty coffee mugs, custom printed Teddy bears and plush toys. We have designs suitable for almost every occasion - cool T-shirts for bucks nights and parties, wedding gifts, birthday presents for him and her, Father's and Mother's day gifts, personalised Teddy bears - you name it.

Brisbane Male Escort Blog

The blog of Q a male escort based in Brisbane.

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Fox Psychology

My blog is a psychology and self-help blog which includes both fiction based stories and life lessons to help people change their lives as well as leading edge thinking about anxiety, depression and medications. There are short stories based on famous sayings that provide life lessons to teens and young adults to help them change their lives for the better. I also talk about the controversial subject of the pros and cons of anti-depressant medications and coming off anti-depressants. Through personal experience as well as the experiences of hundreds of people who have written to me from all over the world, I provide insight into how to manage anxiety and depression in the most natural ways possible as well as the leading edge information coming out around the connection between nutrition and mental health. Understanding the pros and cons of going on, staying on or trying to taper of medications is something that is sorely lacking in the medical community. Helping people to change their lives and to improve their self esteem as well as achieve the best levels of physical and mental health is my major goal in writing this blog and sharing my 16 years of experience in the field of psychology and self-help. In addition, I provide recommended readings of some of the best psychology, spirituality and self-help books that I have ever come across.

Style & Life by Susana

I'm a Portuguese/Australian fashion & lifestyle blogger, who lives in Geelong (Victoria), Australia. 'Style & Life by Susana' is all about fashion (affordable and luxury), beauty & skin care, pop culture and lifestyle. Throughout my blog, my eccentric but fun loving personality is peppered in all of my posts but I also don't shy away from talking about serious social issues, in a confronting way. Welcome to Style & Life by Susana! x

Words of a Wisdom Tooth

Written by a dentist with experience in excess of 15 years, this blog is a means of educating patients on oral health and dentistry. It provides insight into why dentists recommend certain procedures and answers frequently asked questions related to the profession, such as those relating to the costs of dentistry, safety and reasons for x-rays, children dentistry and frequency of visits amongst others. It is a blog written for patients, not dentists. Case studies will be provided so that readers can see what the profession can achieve for them, as well as appreciate the choices that are available to them when making decisions on treatments. .

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The world of domu

The world of domu is the inside scoop from design experts to make Interior Design more accessible. Our articles will enable you along your journey to create the designer home look that we see in the glossy home mags

The Best Radar Detectors 2017

Shop for radar detectors and purchase the radar laser detector that fits your vehicle. Compare and read customer reviews and buy online at Best Buy.

Joy Jump -Australian quality inflatables

Joy jump manufactures Australian standard inflatables ,the number one Australian owned inflatable factory to conquer the global market to establish Australian quality . Specially design for Australian market Joy Jump inflatable attracts customers world wide due to superior quality and best customer service they provide . The factory produces all sorts of inflatables such as jumping castles ,blow up water slides and huge inflatable water parks and floating water parks .Check out the website for more details

Mobility Rentals & Sales Helpful Information

Mobility Rentals & Sales provides in-depth articles relating to the home care needs of those with mobility issues or a disability. We also provide high quality mobility aids at excellent prices.


Gardenhood is a gardener's marketplace grown with love. Platform will launch next year. Blog covers all things plants, produce and people. We are building the social media side before launching the platform next year. Plants, produce, people, the green economy. If readers are interested in helping the environment, sustainability, climate change and want to help growers and gardeners by buying directly from them, then this is the blog to bookmark. If bloggers are interested we accept guest blogs.

A Small Orange Coupon

Discounts average $9 off with a A Small Orange Web Hosting promo code or coupon. 50 A Small Orange Web Hosting coupons now on CrocCoupon.

IT Support

Intrix IT offers IT Support services to businesses all over Australia. With our monthly, fixed priced Office 365, Managed IT Services and Cloud Services bundles we can take away the pain of managing your IT whilst helping you control your costs. We give you as little or as much control as you need for managing and monitoring your IT using our state of the art tools and technology. Let us help you address any challenges that you currently have with your IT. These challenges are what makes us tick. Share with us your technology goals for your business and we will help you get there. This is what makes Intrix your perfect Technology Solutions Partner. Please call us on 1300 73 00 40 to look after any of your IT Support requirements.

The Australian Digital blog

Hi I think i alredy registered this blog before . not sure , but if so .please let me know i will provide another url About my blog : Find your fix for everything, from latest software reviews,SEO updates, how to set up wordpress blogs, aussie tech events at my blog Digital grog is the World of JJ - and i blog about technology in Australia , Makingmoney Online, Gadgets, Software and SEO My blog audienbce “I am specifically looking to attract a younger audience to my blog - 18 to 35 year olds who are interested in technology, blogging, and SEO with an Australian focus,” Digital Grog is a technology and software blog guide maintained by a blogger with the alias of JJ.

Data Recovery Perth

The Data Recovery Perth blog describes real world examples of successful recoveries performed. It also gives examples of the technologies we are capable of providing these include the specialised diagnostic tools required for data recovery, necessary soldering techniques , a solid knowledge of electronics, specialised chip reading tools. We also blog on the advanced operating system knowledge required to perform successful recoveries on Windows , Linux , MAC and Android devices.

Wordpress SEO

Just paid. Looking forward to being included, thanks!

Fortress Learning Blog

Fortress Learning Blog keeps you up to date with all the information on Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) program, Diplomas of Vocational Education and Training (TAE50111) and Training Design and Development (TAE50211) as well as Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills (TAELLN411), Diploma of Business (BSB50215), Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB51915) and the Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415).
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