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Pavlov's Cat

What if Pavlov had used a cat instead? Pavlov's Cat: an independent view.

Feather Stitching

Born in Yorkshire, England, moved to Auckland, New Zealand where I spent all of my formative years - currently in Melbourne ... still think of myself as a Kiwi.

From Sherbrooke Forest

From the deep dark crooks of Sherbrooke Forest, ideas, rumours and music are filtering through the corridors of urban life.

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DesignWhys is all about making a difference in the design world of today. If what Enstein says is true and its is

My blog about life, technology and stuff!

adelaide writer

Adelaide Writer is a generally factual blog with occasional fictional embellishments (often involving close family members) used for dramatic effect. Adelaide's mister does make her the odd cup of tea.

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Watchdog of the Wankers

Nonsensical ramblings from One Horse. Hear me indulge in self-righteous, not necessarily well-informed rants. Think I'm boring? SMS me and vote me

Mouthing The Words

Mostly Daily thoughts in words. For me. And you.

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Between the spelling mistakes and typos on this web page, you

The View from Elsewhere

I'm a drifting Gen-Xer and policy researcher living at the intersection of several deserts with 3 cats.

Other interests: pursuing your passion

A Brisbane lawyer talks about career change, passion, motivation and other interests

.roblog. beige in a sea of grey

Golfer, gamer, geek and dad. Now that sounds interesting doesn't it?

Full Duplex

A view from the trenches of Australian telecommunications written by ZDNet Australia journalist Renai LeMay.

Tech and the City

A quirky look at how technology is changing our lives, work, and the rules for everyday behaviour.

Starting an Australian Web Design Business

Mathew Patterson's blog about starting up a web design business in Sydney, Australia. Plans, schemes, dream, hits and misses.

Mathew Patterson's

Mathew Patterson's personal website - Sydney based web designer on the blog about online and offline business, travel, funny stuff. Now with whole grain and low GI.

Electron Soup

Electron Soup casts a critical eye over the media (both traditional and emergent), as well as online culture and digital freedom issues.

Servant of Chaos

branding and the need for a good story.
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