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10 things I hate about Americans

Everything is true! A great read.

Under The Rotunda

Andrew Pascoe's blog covering interactive advertising media, and Australian media & media business.


Don't be fooled by overly-positive Amazon books reviews. Business book summaries and reviews by a management consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

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The World Today

Are you paying attention?

Touchstone is a heads-up-display for your life. Subscribe to what matters, set rules for what's important and keep up-to-date while you work. The blog tracks the development and musings from the team.

The S-Bend

Quite a well thought out Australian site encompasing heaps of material.

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Paul and Mel's UK

A woman. A man. 60 million poms - Two people from Australia moving to the UK for an indefinite period. We hope to keep you informed about our travels, work, and life away from home.

Great Southern Lad

My three desert island items: a laptop, a very large block of cheese and a never ending supply of Wet Ones.

Credit Card Victim

A sad and sorry tail of an undedicated man pondering the repayment of $20,000 worth of credit card debt.

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Camarilla :: Australian Independent Fashion

Camarilla supports Australian independent fashion

The Doyles weblog

Marketing/Ecommerce Research

Ecommerce, web marketing and development news and research by Michael Bloch of Taming the (Adelaide, Australia)

The Spin Starts Here

We're a couple of opinionated chicks who are happy to find a forum to give our $0.02. This includes - but is not limited to - the stupidity of Americans, popular culture, politics and the stupidity of people in general. Sam is a Tory Bitch and Caz is a Socialist Criminal. The original odd couple! Although Hannity and Colmes we are not. #insensitive_bitches? You bet your arse. - weblog

I'm a 30 year old Australian currently living in London, UK. I'm a music loving, technology obsessive, gadget collecting, aircraft enthusiast and science fiction nut who enjoys travel, fine food, good friends and working hard.

fwak! blog

The FWAK BLOG is the links site/weblog of Eddie and Lili, creative directors of FWAK! ANIMATION, a Sydney-based animation studio.

Exception is the Soul of Humanity

Go see for yourself... or don't. It's up to you.

Young PR

A young Australian Public Relations professional writing about issues facing PR Students and new practitioners

Job and Interview Advice

Job Tuition is here to provide assistance in gaining your dream job. Currently the site is focussing on applications, cover letters and how to prepare for interviews.

DVD Movie Reviews

Movie Babbler is about reviewing movies, generally DVD releases. Our aim is to help you find the perfect movie for the right occassion.


Music, photography and parties in Sydney.
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