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E.T.S.R - Eat. Tweet. Sleep. Repeat. Redfern local sharing my life, loves and thoughts with you. Join me, Manuela for everything from lifestyle hacks, social media tips, tricks and crochet craziness.

Com2 Blog

For our customers, only the best will do. Genuine, quality parts and materials and maintenance delivered by our qualified technicians Australia wide. We strive to deliver our customers the high standards they have come to expect and leave them feeling looked after and valued form the first steps to the completed project. That's the Com2 promise.

Streamline Drafting & Design

Your source for tips, ideas and inspiraction on Home Improvement & Renovation projects including: Patios, Garages, Decks, Sheds Carports & Houses.

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Latex Mattress Australia

Latex Mattress Australia provides restful and rejuvenating sleep by supplying the ultimate healthy sleeping solution. Our pure and natural latex rubber mattresses are orthopaedically designed, providing optimal comfort and support, and are custom-made and hand-crafted to cater for individual needs. Our latex mattresses are supplied with an unrivalled and revolutionary 21-year guarantee to both retail customers and commercial markets.

Lighting Matters - Lighting Design and Inspiration Blog

GoLights is an Australian owned and operated online lighting retailer with offices in both Sydney and Melbourne. Since October 2012, GoLights has been providing residential and commercial customers with a variety of lighting products sourced from well known, established manufacturers as well as boutique lighting designers. We always aim to offer our customers the most competitive prices which are usually below wholesale cost. The GoLights Difference Educating customers to make informed decisions about lighting Nick Nicolaou, Andrew Proestos and Vince Hansimikali are the three founding directors at GoLights. It was back in 2009 when they were involved in importing a range of lights, that they realised there was a serious gap in the lighting online retail market. Traditionally when people needed lights they would contact their electrician who would advise them, purchase the lights and then install them. With the online retail revolution everything changed. Consumers were going online and doing their own research, wanting to know: What type of lighting can I use? How can I use it? What options do I have? The problem with this is that lighting is a technical product. There’s safety issues involved and a lot of the information isn’t readily available, in terms of what type of lighting is suitable for different wiring and what standards need to be adhered to. There was a serious gap in the way that lighting was being sold online. No retailer was taking the time to educate the consumer base about what type of lighting they should use and how they should use it. Giving customers the information they need from a business they can trust GoLights was born with the clear vision of educating consumers so they can buy their own lights safely and securely online. We provide our customers with the tools, information and support so they can make educated decisions about where to spend their money. Customers can call up and speak to a member of the GoLights team and receive expert advice to assist with their lighting needs. In order to make the right lighting choices, you need as much information on a product as possible, that’s why we take our time to ensure we provide as many images and details about each product as possible. Our Vision To be the authority in lighting in the Australian marketplace. We want our customers to feel safe asking questions of any staff member at GoLights, knowing they’ll receive accurate and helpful information that will assist with their decision making when it comes to the lighting in their home.

Ultimate Edge Communications

Welcome to Australia's newest boutique media communications agency!

Our aim is to deliver a fully integrated multi-media approach to save you time, money and effort WHILE improving your bottom line results.

We are a hands-on, results-focused agency with a highly personalised approach. That means we hand-pick our clients to ensure we can produce measurable results that will surpass your previous projected outcomes. We know that's a bold statement to make up-front and we don't take it lightly.

When all is said and done, as a boutique agency, we focus on what we know we can deliver.

Our reputation and on-going business success depends on it as much as it matters to you.

It's a foundational win-win-win principle that is at the core of our methodology.

You Win - Your Clients Win - We Win

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Businesses2Sell Blogs

Businesses2Sell is a prestige website for buying and selling businesses in Australia. We list quality business and franchise opportunities on our website. We have team of professionals who work hard to offer each business the prime exposure that they require. Our Social Media exposure and YouTube channels give each business for sale an edge in the market.


ThisIsChelseaLeigh is all about Fashion, Gaming, Beauty, Health and Life Experiences. I have a genuine interest in all these niches's and I share everything that I learn, like or hate about them. I have always found that filling in the 'about me's' to be the hardest part in any process. Who am I? Do I define myself by my past or my future. I think i'll define myself by the present. Presently I am a 21 year who is clueless. I'll admit that. I am clueless in this giant world of ours. But even though I'm clueless, I am not a quitter. Or am I afraid to learn. I'm imperfect, I make mistakes. But I grow stronger. I want to experience everything, and feel everything, learn everything and I will love everything. I have goals, ambitions and have a desire to achieve them. I can't tell you who I am in a paragraph. I will show you who I am in a lifetime, a lifetime of lessons and experiences. Because after all, I am ....Chelsea Leigh.

Eat Pray Workout

Eat Pray Workout focuses on appreciating and balancing the important things in life: Faith, family, friends, food and exercise! I believe each day is filled with blessings which should be reflected upon and used to encourage and inspire others. You’ll find healthy recipes, snippets of my workouts along with Australian cafe and market reviews and honest encounters of everyday life!

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Tom Willis

A blog about Australian digital marketer and entrepreneur Tom Willis, blogging about all things digital, passive incomes and plenty more.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Living in a culture which is obsessed with youthfulness, post 50 I started to feel invisible, ignored and undervalued. So I have set out to re-define ageing in positive and proactive ways - not just for myself and my Baby Boomer peers, but also for our Elders in whose footsteps we follow.

Air Conditioning Dealer Association Blog

Our ACDA blog consist of useful and interesting content relating to air conditioning systems, services and repairs throughout Australia. Please scroll though our blog posts and click on an article that you are interested in to find out more about that topic.

Computer and laptop Repairs

Have you ever wanted a computer repairs place in Perth that didn’t muck around, that got straight to the point and got back to you with a response when they said they would? Well at our workshop in Applecross that is exactly what you get. Delta Computers can repair hardware and repair software issues with notebooks, desktops and tablets in certain cases. Delta is proficient at performing Data Recovery, Cracked Screen repairs and Virus Removal in particular. These sorts of things we see on the regular each and every day. The team here is so experienced and well versed in solving all manner of computer issues, some say they could do it in their sleep. If you don’t believe me then just have a quick browse of our testimonials and you will see that the quality of service that Delta provides is second to none. The team of technicians is also highly skilled at general software and hardware repairs. There really isn’t anything they haven’t seen before. Data Recovery is something that is one of Delta’s specialities. We can recover all sorts of precious data from your desktop computer, laptop/notebook, USB sticks and external hard drives. All of the family photos and videos you thought you lost? They might still be retrievable! All of that time you spent on that university assignment which is now seemingly lost forever, recoverable! For some people that data that needs saving is simply irreplaceable and priceless. For others it is a grave business concern. You couldn’t count the amount of times Delta have helped companies out recovering their accounting files, their customer database and other sensitive information. That’s the other thing about Delta, our data recovery service is one of the most professional and confidential that you can find. We have been trusted by Doctor’s practices, Law Firms and Hospitals to name a few, and not to mention all the students, professionals and home users too. We have an inspection fee of $65 which will let us examine the device and determine what data we can retrieve, if any. As soon as we know what we can get off the device we give the customer a call and let them know how much the repair will cost. The initial $65 comes off any total repair cost. Delta Computers is also a specialist at Virus Removal. See our blog entitled “Virus Removal Specialists” to get a better picture! We are also the ones to call when you have a Laptop or Notebook with a cracked screen. We have a Technician here that fixes those all day everyday. If you call up with the make and model of your laptop, he will be able to give you a free, no obligation quote over the phone. In fact, there is a certain type of screen that the vast majority of laptops use. If it ends up being our standard screen that we have in stock then you are in luck. The cost of repairing a standard screen is just $192 supplied and installed. The best part about this is that once you bring it in, our technician will begin work on it immediately and it can be ready within an hour of dropping it off. So if you have a laptop that is no longer usable because of a crack through the screen, bring it in to Delta because we will be able to fix it for you. Not only does Delta specialise in these areas but they can also expertly take care of things such as software malfunctions, general slowness of computers, hardware breakdowns and many more. We can also upgrade many elements of your computer if you so wish. Otherwise have a chat to one of our salespeople who can organise a brand new computer, tailored to suit you! Rentals and sales available.

Living an Authentic Life

Sonia is the founder of Living an Authentic Life. Her calling is to help people live an enriched and authentic life by sharing her experiences, and the wisdom she has learned throughout her own journey of personal growth and self-discovery. The wisdom she has learned echoes authenticity, and so it became apparent to her that authentic living is the only way to live your life if you are ever to find true inner peace.

Mummy and Bub Health and Wellbeing

Just a mum blogging about issues that you can face having a family and general information that can help in everyday life.

Nebo Engineering Blog

The Nebo Engineering blog covers all topics related to heavy industry engineering and management in Australia and Worldwide. We discuss trends in the industry, latest news events and provide useful tips for successful project management and engineering in general.

Learn to Start a Blog

The Blog Starter shows you exactly how to setup a blog, even if you have never done it before. The free step-by-step tutorials make starting a blog a breeze, no matter your level of technical knowledge. Most people can start a blog in under 20 minutes with this guide.

Axis Town Planning Blog

A Town Planning Blog that explains the things you actually want to know and need to know about property development, town planning and Council applications. Plus opinions, observations and case studies.

What type of Virtual Assistant do I need?

Choosing a Virtual Assistant. If you are new to Virtual Assistants but want to take advantage of the expertise outside your country and it’s cost effective model then here are some things you want to consider. Is your project a once off or ongoing. We find that if your project is a once off then you can find some great talent on websites such as or There is a large amount of highly qualified people on these websites. You do need to do your homework with some of the people that reply. Personally I have had to filter and interview many who have been very under qualified. Beware of price. Type in “Virtual Assistant” into Google and you will see ads promising $5/hour etc. If you are after an asset to your business AVOID these people. You get what you pay for. You are better off paying double and getting someone half the time. You will not even have to pay double. Most virtual assistants work on a tier system. We now only employ Tier3 and above. Why? We have tried the cheaper option but our clients opt out rate is very high. There is no value. Pay the extra few dollars and hour and enjoy. If you are in a specific industry try to find someone with related knowledge to that industry. East West Enterprises always looks for this. We have Virtual Assistants who have worked for Trades people, Real estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Business Coaches, Personal Trainers etc. They have great understanding. These are just some basic tips to help you find a Virtual Asset.

Bloomfield Cottage, It`s a Lifestyle

A large outer Sydney garden, complete with animals and edibles, is a dedicated lifestyle. We share ours with family and friends and invite you to be part of our Open Gardens, Croquet Tournaments, mini Golf days and all the passion driven labour in between to achieve the beautiful garden in all it`s seasonal glory. I`ll even take you with me when I visit plant fairs, Chelsea Flower show and lots of great garden visits.
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