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Planet Irf

Planet Irf is the home of Irfan Yusuf. Irfan's work has appeared in Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, Daily Telegraph, Courier-Mail, Canberra Times, NZ Herald, Dominion-Post, New Matilda, Malaysiakini, Crikey, Brunei Times and Online Opinion. Irfan has appeared on Radio National, Triple-J, Channel 9 Today and Sunday programs and on commercial radio stations in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

indie art & design

indie art & design is a weblog featuring products made by independent Australian artists, designers & craftspeople. Here you will find signposts to many wonderful items, which are not easily found through search engines alone. We also review our favourite retail stores where these treasures may be lurking, smirking & just waiting to be discovered.

beer footy life etc

Beer swilling, footy loving, Carlton supporting, hip swinging, blog rocking bluestocking.

My New Shiny Shoes

Online shopping advice for Australian online shoppers including reviews, bargains, competitions, articles, tips and ideas. A mini shopping magazine for those time limited shoppers.

Fill The Dams

Blog about Fill The Dams - a fundraising initiative to help raise money and awareness for the drought and water conservation in Australia

Mick Real - Online Portfolio

A showcase of web design and development projects, both personal and client works created by Mick Real.

Milk and Cookies

One girl's attempt to capture all things food in the city of Sydney, Australia.

Gizmodo Australia

Gizmodo, the gadget guide, Australian edition. Blogging the latest in cutting edge technology and consumer electronics.

Defamer Australia - celebrity news and gossip

Defamer Australia is a pop and celebrity culture focused blog that enthusiastically dissects the goings on of the Aussie showbiz scene while also commenting on the global entertainment industry from an Australian perspective.
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