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She ll be Apples

Life in Perth, Australia from the viewpoint of an up-rooted (haha) Canadian.

Our Time

Brian and Sheila

Polka Dot Bride

An Australian wedding blog bringing you all things stylish, sexy, fresh and msot importantly you

Thoughts about Software Testing in Australia

Context driven testing and software development blog, with a leaning toward a balanced view of agile methods. Trying to bring a different perspective to software testing in Australia.

Australian Online Business Directory

As an alternative Australian online business directory, dLook is differentiating their directory product by allowing users to define their search range by kilometre radius, request multiple anonymous quotes from suppliers, allowing businesses to display discount coupons and providing advertisers with a lower cost alternative to the existing online directory offerings.

Values Australia

Australian values explained. Get those beaut Australian Values and become a fair dinkum Aussie mate. More than you ever thought you could be told (under Part5.3 and Section 72 of the Criminal Code).

Assembly on Museum education

A discussion of education in museums and cultural institutions in Australia. This is the online assembly of the Museums Australia Education special interest group

Boutique Oz

Boutique Oz is a shopping blog for Australian fashionistas. We believe that just because you live in Australia doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to the world's most fabulous on-line shopping. We are dedicated to bringing you beautiful things from on-line shops from around the world that will ship to Australia.

Belvidere Prom

about the goings on in our street

OZ Gossip

For all the up-to-date gossip and news on Australian Celebrities and Celebrities visiting Australia
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