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Pedalling around Sydney for fun and profit, preaching to the converted and trying to spread the cycling message to the non-converted.

One dog said to the other

The mindless thoughts, uninformed opinions and constant whinings of two West Aussie film-makers.

Levi Hamilton

Levi Hamilton in the US. Playing College basketball for Colorado School of Mines, Studying Engineering.

Daily photo


Mostly a family photo blog about raising children and stuff that I do with a little tech thrown in.


A blog to share info about technology for use in education.... and anything else I think is cool!

Trevor's Birding

My blog about Australian birds, birding, twitching, bird books and equipment, photography of birds, observations of birds and other wildlife.

Trevor's Travels

My blog about travels in Australia, Nepal and Thailand. It includes articles about my favourite places in Australia.

Trevor Hampel

This blog is about writing, books, reading, life as a writer and hints and tips about writing. It includes examples of my writing.
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