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Melbourne Video Gamer

A Melbourne VideoGamer - Videogame-related PODCAST and stories from a 30-something game-playing professional bloke in Melbourne.


It is said that if you are walking underneath the Jacaranda tree and one of the trumpet blossoms falls on your head you will be favored by fortune. My prayer is that by reading this blog, you will be favoured by fortune.

Angry Penguin

A working journalist ruminates and sometimes fumes.

Tim Madden - Brisbane Web Design Blog

Personal blog dealing with mainly web design/development topics.

Deepak Kapoor's Blog

Posts on this blog are primarily related to Microsoft Technologies such as .NET and WinFX - An Australian Blogging Community

An Australian online community providing free blogging services and the ability to meet new people. Features include built in audio, video and even mobile blogging capabilities. Easy, Free and 100% Friendly.

Semantically driven

Writing about me, my son, my life (parts of it), my dog, my thoughts, stuff around me, my family history and my travels done in a previous life.

The Village

Sydney music photography, travel and musings.

Cricket Information

Daily posts covering the doings of and events surrounding the Australian cricket team.

Meezer Mayhem

Cats, kids and.....stuff. If I don't write it down, I will forget tomorrow.
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