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Semantically driven

A web professional by day, a blogger by night. Blogging about blogging, parenting, and everyday living in Australia.

A Byootaful Life

A blog mostly about my ex-feral cat Puddy and a bit about me. Lots of photos and updated regularly, swing on by and say G'Day!

Small Office Australia

news, views and reviews about the small office in Australia - written by an Aussie home-based entrepreneur for Aussie home-based entrepreneurs and startups


Mother to three, wife to one, hag-ridden gorgon to many. I work full-time and cope part-time and cook, drink, knit and swear in between. Games of Root Shoot Marry are hosted on my blog every Friday night that I don't start drinking too early.

How to live online

How to live online is an ultimate guide to the world wide web. It helps people to make a living out of the web - by providing information, entertainment, tips, hacks, tricks and more.

Social Media in Australia

Commentary on social media -- blogging, podcasting and other emerging media -- from an Australian business point of view

Sueblimely Discovering - Blogging &Tagging

Blogging - tools, resources, gadgets, help, SEO, tutorials and examples. Help for new bloggers and web design and building help for all bloggers.

Vanessa Is...

There is no rhyme nor reason to topics posted. Don't fence me in, man!

Mega Me at the Mo'

I am a 32-year-old PhD student living in Melbourne. Witness my fitness (and other less impressive exhortations). I store a lot of fat around my solar plexus nexus. I am interested in getting to the core of this core. How did it get there and how does it go away? This blog is about diet and training, about what inspires me and what I want to change

The Wrong Advices

Random thoughts of a dot com orphan.
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