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Lead Igloo

Lead Igloo is a blog with an interest in both non- and literary fiction, good, practical philosophy and fair, interesting opinion. Submissions in these categories will be considered. Great offers on all the Latest Bestsellers

BookOffers has been setup to bring you the latest reviews, and deals on the bestselling books available in Australia. We have partnered with Australia’s top booksellers and publishers to feature the latest books, book reviews and discounts on bestselling books.

Anne Whitfield - author

Anne Whitfield's blog is an online journal about her fiction writing, her published books and her life.

Before Our Time

Alison and Megan are Australian Gen-X women with a love of technology and all the comforts of a 21st Century life, but does it make their lives any simpler than that of their forebears?

A Dancing Bear

Pointless excellence in blogging since earlier this year

Swimming in the Nile

Swimming in the Nile is the official blog of Australia's Largest Book Store, The Nile ( This blog has multiple bloggers discussing books, literature, bookselling and new releases.

Oh Errol

Oh Errol is a collaborative blog written by a group of overeducated, underemployed, un-PC, loud, boozy, Australian girls.

Burning Books

I am a bookseller with Hordern House Rare Books in Sydney, Australia, where I first became interested in the culture of book burning. My first book, Burning Books, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2008. Although the book is broad-ranging and includes many illustrations, there were many images and even more quotes and references that did not make the cut, so I have begun this blog to make them available.

NeoNeighbourhood - Stop Searching. Find.

A guide to the best in cities around the world: eating, shopping, music, design, books and much more - for people who prefer the path less travelled and who cherish innovation, quality and wit

A fun take on history, politics, travel, architecture, fashion and art by a twenty-something Aussie expat.
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