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Jasmine's blog

Jasmine's blog about speedcubing, gadgets and other random stuff

cfsmtb in low earth orbit

cileo is an slightly organised and irrevalent look at cycling and sustainable transport in Melbourne, Australia, overseas, and possibly all sorts of stray ephemera that gets caught in between.

a blog o' blah

The Girl Who Came In From The Cold

Mental meanderings of an English girl living in Australia.


Born and raised in a coal shed in the North of England, my earliest memories are of playing with the family whippet (my only friend!) and eating nowt but gravel.'Twas a hard life but we was happy. In June 2005, lured by the promise of lemon trees, parrots and a thing called


A snifter of politics, law and personal blogging from an alley in Melbourne somewhere. With cats.

the view from elsewhere

feminist blogger living in central Australia with literary and public policy interests, specifically Indigenous issues.

Diary of a Mad Cat

A cat-a-blog- in which Dorkus, the psycho cat, shares his view of the world.

crazy meezer

Kids and cats and.....stuff a photoblog of my Siamese cats, family, sites and design.
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