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Our Notional Capital

We live in Canberra, somebody has to

Musings, Rants, and Wild Theories

Newly formed blog containing a range of reflections, discussions, essays and social commentary. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad.

Finding the keys: A personal blog

The world of an introspective, thirty something year-old gay man. Includes opinions on current events, queer and pop-culture as well as personal reflections on contemporary life. Based on the Gold Coast.

First On The Wall

First On The Wall is dedicated to everyone who believes natural selection has begun to fail us. Yes, stupid people are procreating and somehow we must stop them. How do I propose to do that? Well, I have no freakin’ idea but that ain’t goin to stop me from trying…so stay tuned as I delve in to the world of a man who hopes he won’t be one of the first on the wall come the revolution…and if you happen to be one of the stupid ones I mentioned previously, do the world a favour and sterilize yourself. Getting grumpier by the day, FirstOnTheWall

Politics from the dark side

Daily commentry on Australian politics and society

design | photography | other stuff

A blog where I publish some of my photos, comment on photography, web design, and all sorts of other stuff.

Planet Irf

Planet Irf is the home of Irfan Yusuf. Irfan's work has appeared in Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, Daily Telegraph, Courier-Mail, Canberra Times, NZ Herald, Dominion-Post, New Matilda, Malaysiakini, Crikey, Brunei Times and Online Opinion. Irfan has appeared on Radio National, Triple-J, Channel 9 Today and Sunday programs and on commercial radio stations in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Defamer Australia - celebrity news and gossip

Defamer Australia is a pop and celebrity culture focused blog that enthusiastically dissects the goings on of the Aussie showbiz scene while also commenting on the global entertainment industry from an Australian perspective.

The latest news and opinions of Cam, LeBlogMac and NicZilla. Topics covered include social and cultural hilarities, the worst websites in the world, political commentary.

One Plus One Equals Three

A blog about design and visual culture
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