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Global Innovation

Global commentary on Australian ideas, innovation and change from a world perspective

Silent Vowel

Silent Vowel features perspectives on existence, politics and society; tied together with a focus on subverting dominant modes of thought.

Australian absinthe reviews, music, art & culture

Silent Vowel: Politics; Culture; Religion; Literature; Cult Films; Avant-garde Music

A retrospective look at avant-garde, surreal, gothic, postmodern, cult literature, films & music. Also featuring a significant amount of articles on history & political & cultural phenomenon.

Kevin Barry: Living for Men

Kevin Barry and his team seek out the best of lifestyle, fashion and culture for men so you've got an indispensable guide to the very best of living. Kevin Barry

The Wandering Gourmet

The Wandering Gourmet is an international social club based in Perth, Western Australia. The Wandering Gourmet is interested in food, culture, travel and making new friends and strengthening existing relationships with each other.

Journeys in Between

Meditations on religious pluralism, secular spirituality and emerging expressions of Christianity.


Musings regarding culture, political thought, international relations, the left, the right, the history of ideas, technology sometimes and whatever else crosses my mind.

A knee jerk reaction to everyday life

rants centered around my village, Gwynneville, near Wollongong. Occasionaly reasonably funny.

Defamer Australia - celebrity news and gossip

Defamer Australia is a pop and celebrity culture focused blog that enthusiastically dissects the goings on of the Aussie showbiz scene while also commenting on the global entertainment industry from an Australian perspective.
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