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A bit of louche commentary

Threads of Gold

Back at Uni, back in Oz, a bit bewildered by it all but happy to be here. Learning to love the questions, focused on peace work and interested in alternatives.

Adventure Australia

The Australian cultural, political and social environment. Australia's interaction in world affairs. Current activities and happenings in Australia.

Intersecting Lines

An unliterary literary blog.


We piss on your isms.


...of a librarian in Perth, Western Australia. I started this blog to record a number of my explorations. From largely experimental beginnings, it's slowly evolving into ... something else!

Reviewing Coffee in Melbourne

A Melbournian view of coffee everywhere I travel

Electron Soup

Electron Soup casts a critical eye over the media (both traditional and emergent), as well as online culture and digital freedom issues.


funkwit - mind the crap.

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