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Digital Chalkie

Paul Reid: I'm a teacher in Western Australia integrating ICTs across the curriculum. The purpose of Digital Chalkie is to provide a hub for Australian educators using ICT to engage and facilitate the best educational outcomes for their students. The domain name uses the word

Insanity Creek

Bringing you daily serve of stupidity since 2002.

B o G, U + S

Blog on Globalisation, Universities and (Social) Science

Digital Chalkie

Digital Chalkie is a hub for Australian educators using Information Communication Technologies in their teaching. 'Chalkie


Blogging on a hopelessly broad range of issues

Tama's eLearning Blog

an eLearning blog with podcasting & blogospheric inclinations

Bruce's Rave and Rant

Where I spew my polemic on atheism, politics, philosophy, education and science.


A blog to share info about technology for use in education.... and anything else I think is cool!

University in Bayreuth

An Australian living and working at the University of Bayreuth, Germany
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