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Insanity Creek

Bringing you daily serve of stupidity since 2002.

B o G, U + S

Blog on Globalisation, Universities and (Social) Science


Blogging on a hopelessly broad range of issues

Digital Chalkie

Digital Chalkie is a hub for Australian educators using Information Communication Technologies in their teaching. 'Chalkie

Tama's eLearning Blog

an eLearning blog with podcasting & blogospheric inclinations

Bruce's Rave and Rant

Where I spew my polemic on atheism, politics, philosophy, education and science.


A blog to share info about technology for use in education.... and anything else I think is cool!

University in Bayreuth

An Australian living and working at the University of Bayreuth, Germany

A geeks journey through an MBA at Melbourne Business School

Why do an MBA? Why not? After a while Java, ANT, BPEL, AJAX, SOA etc gets narrowing. There has to be more. Organisational Congruence, Marketing, Strategy, Comparative Advantage, Public Policy....whoa. I post my notes and thoughts.
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