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Little Green Stilettos

A girly girl's guide to going green beautifully.

Greenprints Blog - Zero Footprint Week 2008

To tackle climate change, we all need to reduce our ecological footprint. This year Zero Footprint Week asks, “How many planets do you need to support your lifestyle?” Each day of Zero Footprint Week has a different theme and GreenPrint. Each of these GreenPrints offers three ways to save money while saving the environment. Our Greenprints blog collects ideas on how to reduce our ecological footprint. Do you want to share your tips? Then join the conversation at our greenprints blog.

1000 Blog Protest Against The Slaughter Of Whales

rants raves and blog reviews - 1000 blog protest against whaling

Ramblings of an Eco-Warrior-Princess

Words are primitive - they cannot begin to describe the person I call me, but I'll try.... Politics. Economics. Environment. Social Justice. Activism. Fashion. Human Rights. Any of these themes come up and I will throw my hat in to the discussion. I am an adrenalin-junkie with a fascination for extreme sports but I also enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. I see the glass-half-full and have time for a lot of people but I also have a low tolerance for ignorance and apathy.


An alternative news blog with opinion about current events in governance in Australia and around the world

Learn About Poverty

World Vision Australia have released a great collection of content including photos, videos and data that bloggers can use to talk about the issue of Poverty for Blog Action Day 2008.

heidi and seek and ethical fashion

Heidi and Seek and Ethical Fashion is a blog about the life, fashion and ethical clothing label of Hayley Lau. She designs and sews edgy women's clothing from reclaimed materials. She aims to help others buy ethically and buy less without sacrificing style. Hayley is a young mother who endeavours to live sustainably and to support independent design and creativity.


I am a Tasmanian potter who likes to take photographs of the sky.I write about my life in the Tasmanian countryside..I balance amazing cooking with indifferent housekeeping and I believe that vacuuming is bad for your soul...


Photos of Andrew Calder, blogged by Joh Blogs, landscapes, rivers, moons, nature, travel, animals, Tasmania, Australia

The Seditionist

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