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chikii chic

Chkii chic - Your organic beauty fix. Deciding to make the switch to using Organic beauty products?

bathe - dedicated to the bathing experience

bathe - dedicated to the bathing experience: water stillness immersion ritual senses renewal withdrawal return escape connection reconnection reflection meditation cleansing memories ideas words tradition culture philosophy design healing wholeness wellness wholebeing wellbeing origins nature seasons peace silence inspiration ayurveda life yoga zen wabi sabi hope community Connected to

Scentcillo blog

Our blog will keep you up to date on the latest Scentcillo news, specials and promotions or new products we have. Scentcillo is an Australian owned plant based skincare range handmade right here in Sydney. Our products contain nature’s treasure trove of ingredients such as vegetable butters, herbal extracts, cold pressed oils and essential oils, so they not only make your skin look and feel supple, without any harsh chemicals but are deliciously scented as well. We hope you enjoy using Scentcillo bath and body products.
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