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Maxpak Blog - Observations on the Packaging Industry

Observations on the Australian Packaging Industry, Environment and legislation.

Campaign Brief

The who's who of Advertising in Australia gather to talk about new campaigns and have a laugh at each other.

Diary of an Extra

Diary of an Extra is true accounts of my life as a professional film and television extra. It covers stupid things I've done on set, people I've met and jobs I've had, from being one in a crowd of 300 to performing opposite the male lead of a TV series. It's a light hearted look at the industry and a great way to learn about the business!

Another thing or two

I chat about gardening, cooking, music, books, film, knitting, pets, and anything that's a bit quirky.

A Dancing Bear

Pointless excellence in blogging since earlier this year

The MovieBuff

Everything and anything on movies and entertainment.

Terra Byte

Champion of the mundane, dog-obsessed, narcissistic and not-so-lucid. A good-font-addict trying to make it through his phd. Likes hyphens.

Mixedlollies..home to random thoughts

Here is where randomness sits because that's who I am. Funny stuff that makes me laugh that I want to share.
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