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Myrah and Mahalia's Travel Adventures

We're not so unique that we love to travel. We're not so unique that we film our travels. We're unique that we deliver advice on travelling, relationships and all sorts of things with a wacky sense of humour. We have ten main tips for travelling and with these we're travelling around Australia this year... We have some prior experience: Mahalia travelled through Europe and Canada last year for 12 months on her own and Myrah has lived in Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia and travelled through Asia with her family.


The random musings of a university education student, living in North Queensland, interested in food and gardening, and struggling occassionally with her mental health.

Eat Critique - finding food Nirvana around Melbourne

This is where the food adventure begins as our small group of culinary connoisseurs discover and critique a different restaurant in and around Melbourne each month. Our critique is a score out of 10 which covers quality and taste of food, service and value for money. We give our own personal evaluation as our own personal guide to where to eat in Melbourne. We have come together as lovers of good food and wine and have taken this culinary responsibility on our shoulders....and of course have some fun too. Bon Appetite fellow foodies!

The Old Switcheroo

Gotham had Batman. Metropolis had Superman. Ipswich has SwitchChick. Every beleaguered city needs a champion or, at very least, a nice write-up now and then. Welcome to The Old Switcheroo, an irreverent but loyal look at my new home. Ipswich. It isn't what you're expecting.

Mick's Grill

An absolutely mediocre weblog about life, pop culture, Christianity, Snuggies, and other absurd things you shouldn't say out loud but are thankful someone else did.

Op-Shop Stuff I Found

A collection of Absurd stuff that no one wants. With my mobile phone camera in hand I hit the op shops to take photos of stuff that no one will buy. Here is a photo journal of those finds. Yes some stuff on this site is ridiculous, odd, and even a little embarrassing – That’s the beauty of it. The reason these items are in Op-Shops is that someone originally owned it. That’s what this site is about.

The Mike Sessions

The personal blog of Mike Elliott. As if seeing Twilight with your preteen daughter wasn't enough

Mike Ideas

Awesome Ideas for your Awesomazing world

First On The Wall

First On The Wall is dedicated to everyone who believes natural selection has begun to fail us. Yes, stupid people are procreating and somehow we must stop them. How do I propose to do that? Well, I have no freakin’ idea but that ain’t goin to stop me from trying…so stay tuned as I delve in to the world of a man who hopes he won’t be one of the first on the wall come the revolution…and if you happen to be one of the stupid ones I mentioned previously, do the world a favour and sterilize yourself. Getting grumpier by the day, FirstOnTheWall

The Blowfly

The Blowfly is a satirical look at Australian political issues from the perspective of a blowfly sitting on the shoulders of our politicians.
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