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Blog about technology of all kinds - from iPhone apps to SEO and web design to random gadgets and more.

My Moth and I

The glee in the world written by a gay 20 year old living in Sydney, Australia.

Silk Playground

Silk Playground illustrates the fun you can have with playsilks: a toy that is natural, simple, very versatile and fun for kids aged 0 - 8 years. It's a growing collection of fun and easy play ideas.

The Reviewing Basterd

A comedy based review blog, talking about movies, TV, comics and games throughout the ages. Also featured occasionally are soap box articles giving views on current trends and events.

Cafe Games - Boardgames Club Blog

Blog following activities at Cafe Games events, including discussion and news about interesting board games and card games. Cafe Games runs casual, social events in Melbourne (Australia) open to the general public with no game considered too highbrow or too childish.

Kotaku Australia

Kotaku and games. Games and Kotaku. They'd be one in the same in every lexicon on the planet if it were humanly possible. Whether it's the latest info on a new game, or hot gossip on the industry's movers, shakers and smashers, you'll find it all here and nicely packaged at Kotaku. The Australian edition of Kotaku is focused on taking all this fantastic news and crafting it into a tasty treat for all you Aussies and Kiwis. Sure, you could mosey over to the US site, but you'd miss out on all the juicy gaming goodness that's relevant - and important - to you.


The ongoing story of two Tasmanian school children and their dad.


Chris is a 29 year old writer from Melbourne Australia.

i dont quite know

Kotaku Australia

Kotaku Australia is the ultimate resource for gaming news, gossip, opinion, hints and tips for Australia and New Zealand. The latest info on new releases and game industry developments, as well as up-and-coming products and stuff you've never heard about!
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