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ThisIsChelseaLeigh is all about Fashion, Gaming, Beauty, Health and Life Experiences. I have a genuine interest in all these niches's and I share everything that I learn, like or hate about them.

Techno Uptodate

Daily Updates on newly launched Gadgets, Gizmos, Mobiles & Emerging Technological Trends.

Guitar Hero Blog Australia

All the latest News and Reviews for Guitar Hero fans in Australia.

Kotaku Australia

Kotaku and games. Games and Kotaku. They'd be one in the same in every lexicon on the planet if it were humanly possible. Whether it's the latest info on a new game, or hot gossip on the industry's movers, shakers and smashers, you'll find it all here and nicely packaged at Kotaku. The Australian edition of Kotaku is focused on taking all this fantastic news and crafting it into a tasty treat for all you Aussies and Kiwis. Sure, you could mosey over to the US site, but you'd miss out on all the juicy gaming goodness that's relevant - and important - to you.

Kotaku Australia

Kotaku Australia is the ultimate resource for gaming news, gossip, opinion, hints and tips for Australia and New Zealand. The latest info on new releases and game industry developments, as well as up-and-coming products and stuff you've never heard about!

The Wrong Advices

Random thoughts of a dot com orphan.

ausTech news

A weekly podcast with Brett James and Shaun Byrne about technology and gaming news

Entertainment Fiend

The Entertainment Fiend. A blog where TV, Film, Gaming, Books, Music and Podcasts grace the pages.

The Little Gamer

A blog about the rise and rise (lets hope it keeps going, lol) of the Casual Game. It

Va Va Voom

Humour, ramblings and other tidbits.
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