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We’re at the pub. What are we talking about?

Imagine we were at the pub chatting, what would we be discussing?

Betty Loves Blogging

betty loves... dodgy tv shows, whingeing, cooking, photography, politics, Tony Abbott's gaffes, venting, chocolate digestive biscuits... oh, and blogging.


About life in Marrickville, an inner city suburb of Sydney, written by a cultural studies scholar.

I dont like it

The normal collection of stuff from a girl who blogs to pass the time while at work. This blog isn't actually about stuff I don't like...I am really a very happy person.

Kitchen Connection

G'day! Pull up a chair! Join me at the kitchen table for a chat...let's toss a few thoughts around about the state of this crazy but wonderful world we inhabit. There's lots to discuss! Make yourself comfortable! Would you like a glass of wine?
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