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Rock Guitarist

A site for guitar & music enthusiasts. Find out about the history and making of the worlds best guitars, and read about some of the greatest guitarists that have ever walked the earth!

Guitar Blog with Youtube videos of some of the worlds best electric guitar players. This is my simple electric guitar blog to profile many great electric guitar players, many who are household names and others who have had an impact on the world of guitar whether people realise it or not. Tony Hogan

Acoustic Guitarist

Acoustic Guitar Blog by Tony Hogan. Youtube videos of the worlds top acoustic guitar players of all styles, I write TAB and Music Notation tutorials and lessons and other articles on how to be a better guitarist. If you are looking for a great up to date, dynamic frequently updated resource to help you be a better guitar player, I'd recommend you check it out. I have been playing for 38 years, built guitars, and hav studied with the guitar greats. Tony Hogan

GERRY JOE WEISE Blues guitar

Gerry Joe Weise, Sydney blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He has jammed with Eric Clapton, B.B.King, John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins. He has released several albums : 1994 Live In Paris, 1996 A Letter To Jimi, 1999 Bushman Boogie, 2005 Sydney-Paris Blues. He has toured in Australia and overseas since 1977.

Marcus Wynwood's Blog

I'm a musician and an IT professional living in beautiful Tasmania
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