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Turbo Taj - Border Collie Superstar

Diary and photo blog of the adventures of and Aussie Border Collie called Taj including obedience training, agility, tug-o-war, sheepdog training, swimming and other fun dog stuff!

lefty, atheist, offensive tripe

Me and my opinions about current stuff, people, the world, and I do swear a bit, using filthy words. Oh yeah, and the truth is on there, so if you like talk back radio stay away.

The Curmudgeon's Magazine

humour, photography, politics, strange things, occasional rants, cryptozoology, drop bears, speewah

Tapping Away in the Middle of the Night

David Scott Aubrey is an anagram of David Scott Aubrey (hey, I suck at anagrams). I write, I draw, I generally fart about. It's fun, sometimes, too, so come and watch!


Travelling round Aus with my girl, my drugs, my CDs and my machete

Soapbox Opera

funny and weird pictures, caption competitions, jokes

The World of Alan

Deconstructing post-modern society one brick at a time

The Furry Chronicles

A story of a blokes bloke, life, love, stuff he likes doing, stupid shit he's done, and things he's blown up.

The most realistic story ever told

Personal blog where I blog about personal things. Not personal in the sense of not wanting people to know them, more that they're generally things that happen to or on/around my person. This is way too difficult a question.

The Cynical Optimist

Commentary on society, politics, my family, upcoming wedding & irritating behaviour of others. Also includes glimpses of my life, past & present
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