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Vanessa Is...

There is no rhyme nor reason to topics posted. Don't fence me in, man!

The Tall Poppy

Be a tall poppy at least once in your life.

Diva Days

The site for the alternative diva - a diva in jeans, not stilettos.


politics, humour, cricket, mainly from Australia and the UK

You Can't Coach That

My comments and ramblings on the world around me.


Satirical spin on the world, news, politics and entertainment.

Values Australia

Australian values explained. Get those beaut Australian Values and become a fair dinkum Aussie mate. More than you ever thought you could be told (under Part5.3 and Section 72 of the Criminal Code).


Introducing CruftBucket, the Webs version of landfill. Recycling and reusing cruft (and other good stuff) from around the Internet.


I write, I read, I dance, I laugh (mostly on the inside), I frown, I drink, I think, I worry.

The Crikey Files - The Official Site of Mike and Elena

CRIKEY, Did someone say Mike & Elena?? Welcome to the blog of Mike & Elena. We are newly-weds who met online from opposite sides of the world who live in Australia. Here is our online diary
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