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Self-examination and tidbits from the life of a Sydney chick.

The Other Andrew

The weblog of a 42 year old gay Buddhist in Sydney, Australia. Looking at life through a slightly twisted lens; attempting to unscrew the inscrutable.

The Press Gallery

Rupert Fairfax, truth is stranger than factions...

Gods Chariot

Musings of a privatised citizen

Sam and the City: Sucks

An antidote to shoddy pop journalists masquerading as sex therapists. We're here to offer a critical analysis of Samantha Brett's blog on The Age entitled

whale sushi

humble offerings to less popular gods

a blog o' blah

The Girl Who Came In From The Cold

Mental meanderings of an English girl living in Australia.


Pop Culture, Poetry and the Modern Condition


Born and raised in a coal shed in the North of England, my earliest memories are of playing with the family whippet (my only friend!) and eating nowt but gravel.'Twas a hard life but we was happy. In June 2005, lured by the promise of lemon trees, parrots and a thing called
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