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I write, I read, I dance, I laugh (mostly on the inside), I frown, I drink, I think, I worry.

The Crikey Files - The Official Site of Mike and Elena

CRIKEY, Did someone say Mike & Elena?? Welcome to the blog of Mike & Elena. We are newly-weds who met online from opposite sides of the world who live in Australia. Here is our online diary


Self-examination and tidbits from the life of a Sydney chick.

The Other Andrew

The weblog of a 42 year old gay Buddhist in Sydney, Australia. Looking at life through a slightly twisted lens; attempting to unscrew the inscrutable.

The Press Gallery

Rupert Fairfax, truth is stranger than factions...

Gods Chariot

Musings of a privatised citizen

Sam and the City: Sucks

An antidote to shoddy pop journalists masquerading as sex therapists. We're here to offer a critical analysis of Samantha Brett's blog on The Age entitled

whale sushi

humble offerings to less popular gods

a blog o' blah


Pop Culture, Poetry and the Modern Condition
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