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Design in the mind

Design in the Mind is the blog of Savanah Design, a small graphic design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. This blog is a great opportunity for us to impart knowledge, inspiration and observations related to the visual world of design. It is an opportunity to vent our passion for design and a place to discuss events, examples and present tips on how to integrate design into your world.

Shine By Three

I tend to dream up ideas, go on a wild hunt through every place defined store, then find them two years later for 4000 pounds in a far away online designer catalog.

cute girls with red rosy cheeks

Come and join the whimsical world of a modern day freelance illustrator

daydream lily

Melbourne girls blog about indie art : handmade jewellery : vintage finds and other pretty things.

milk and cookies

illustration, animation, design.


Drawings and notes with a noodle theme.


contemporary illustration by madeleine stamer

indie art & design

indie art & design is a weblog featuring products made by independent Australian artists, designers & craftspeople. Here you will find signposts to many wonderful items, which are not easily found through search engines alone. We also review our favourite retail stores where these treasures may be lurking, smirking & just waiting to be discovered.


illustration, mixed media, crochet, knitting,sewing,vintage paper and fabric,collage
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