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Kitty Kapers Blog

Cooinda Cat Resort is excited to be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with all our fellow cat lovers through the Kitty Kapers Blog. This blog will bring to you information about Feline Health, Behaviour and ownership issues. We will also be sharing some lovely photos of ouf favourite furry friends and a joke or two. If you love cats then we are sure you will enjoy the Kitty Kapers Blog from Cooinda Cat Resort Cory and all the Kitty Carers at Cooinda Cat Resort

The Lab - The Aussie Pet Lovers Favourite Blog

The Lab is full of pet news, vet tips, competitions and interesting stuff for Aussie Pet Lovers.

sucking my lolly since 1977

a lot of talk about birthday cakes from the 1960s-1980s, kittens and the occasional lewd thought about boys. OH YEAH and I live in Japan, but I am from Melbourne!
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