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There she goes

Librarian, mum, student, commuter, chocoholic

Librarians Matter

It is and we do. Musing, enthusing, libraries, emerging technologies, balancing, being mum.

CW blogs here

reeling and writhing

Genevieve Tucker's literature blog, formerly known as You Cried for Night. Books, writing, new media, publishing, library stuff.

hyperactive librarian

See John run, see John jump, hear John shout. Should he be doing that in the library?


Sydney librarian: all things techno

Valis blog

Blog on library and information issues, focusing on news, current awareness and reference, and New Zealand library news.

Connecting Librarian

Librarian blogging about thoughts and discoveries in her public library in Victoria.


...of a librarian in Perth, Western Australia. I started this blog to record a number of my explorations. From largely experimental beginnings, it's slowly evolving into ... something else!

library sputnik

A renamed blog by Genevieve Tucker, turning slowly into a reblog of chunks of media, webtech, library and researcher's news. (Let's face it, the old name was 'orrible.) Library Sputnik contains a list of Australian writing links which can also be found at You Cried for Night (see right, under writing.)
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