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Perth Musician Ben Clapton blogs about Music, Life, Politics, and anything else that comes to mind

The Cynical Optimist

Commentary on society, politics, my family, upcoming wedding & irritating behaviour of others. Also includes glimpses of my life, past & present

Second Life Australia - SLOz

News and community events for aussie Second Life users

Little Glowing Lights

A blog about life and art and crafting and all the lovely little things that inspire me.

Baleboosteh - A Day In The Life...

My photoblog/personal blog where I rant, rave & post photos of my life with my husband and our 3 beautiful girls in rural Australia.

Your daily cereal

Life's daily dramas and then some


Creating a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Musings on my (very) ordinary life!

A blog about me, my family, my life. Just me rabbitting on about, well, stuff!

gay for all seasons

A knee jerk reaction to everyday life

rants centered around my village, Gwynneville, near Wollongong. Occasionaly reasonably funny.
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