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Asia Death Penalty

This blog provides information to support people in Asia - and around the world - in the struggle to end the death penalty. It is focused on countries in the Asian region, but it also reports on issues of interest in the worldwide campaign for a world without executions. This blog draws on the work of Asian media and international human rights organisations, but it is an independent site. >> Please note, this is an abolitionist site.

library sputnik

A renamed blog by Genevieve Tucker, turning slowly into a reblog of chunks of media, webtech, library and researcher's news. (Let's face it, the old name was 'orrible.) Library Sputnik contains a list of Australian writing links which can also be found at You Cried for Night (see right, under writing.)

fuzzy directions - the blog of

Electron Soup

Electron Soup casts a critical eye over the media (both traditional and emergent), as well as online culture and digital freedom issues.

Corporate Engagement

Comments the changing media and PR world from a Sydney professional


A West Australian based discussion on new media and cross platform development for film, television, games and mobile applications.

Under The Rotunda

Andrew Pascoe's blog covering interactive advertising media, and Australian media & media business.

The Spin Starts Here

We're a couple of opinionated chicks who are happy to find a forum to give our $0.02. This includes - but is not limited to - the stupidity of Americans, popular culture, politics and the stupidity of people in general. Sam is a Tory Bitch and Caz is a Socialist Criminal. The original odd couple! Although Hannity and Colmes we are not. #insensitive_bitches? You bet your arse.

Young PR

A young Australian Public Relations professional writing about issues facing PR Students and new practitioners
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