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Thye Brand Guy

BLOG FOR THE BRAND GUY - MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER I’m a South African, who’s worked in London and lived in Australia for 30 year. It’s this combination of “me” that has heavily shaped me as a speaker and the way I engage my audiences. Working as a keynote speaker for hire in Australia and abroad, I deliver original, intelligent, and creative content. My style is energetic, passionate, empathetic, and ruthlessly honest. I’m an enemy of mediocrity, I’m a champion for all people, and I’m a challenger of norms and conventional thinking.

Energy & Motivation

Tips and Resources to Help You Beat Laziness and Procrastination and Start Taking Massive Action on Your Goals.

Mindset Of A Champion Blog

The Mindset Of A Champion Blog is for serious athletes who want the winner's edge to think, perform and win like a Champion. Authored by Dr Marc Dussault, renowned and self-confessed squash addict, this is a rare glimpse into what it takes to be a champion. As a Silver Medallist at the 2009 Australian Masters Games, Marc has 'placed' in 3 of the 6 tournaments he's competed in including reaching a 'Top 50 world ranking' at the 2008 World Masters Championships. Not bad for someone who learnt to play squash less than 10 years ago.

Business Mindset Breakthrough Blog

What you can expect from my Business Mindset Breakthroughs Blog: * Have you every wanted to know how to avoid the anxiety and stress that goes with not feeling ‘good enough‘ to do something? * Would you like to find out what the mindset is of people who are highly productive and DON’T procrastinate? * Are you interested to know how to maintain your drive and focus when in business for yourself? * Ever wanted to outsell your competition and have your prospect pipeline overflowingly full?

Motivational Memo

The original Motivational Memo was first created in the year 2000 by its author Peter Sinclair, in order to supply people with a powerful motivational tool that would assist them in their day to day lives. Thousands have benefited from Peter’s ezines and blogs and many of Peter’s unique writings have formed the basis of his best selling books. Peter is also the CEO of OE Design - The Web Designers and of OE Publishing - a publisher of motivational products.

Sunny Mummy

Most mummies these days know about the 'Yummy Mummy' status. Forget about trying to keep up with this external illusion, being a 'Sunny Mummy' is such a warmer place to be... Enjoy a dose of sunshine no matter what the weather as I share with you my life as a Sunny Mummy and hopefully inspire you to join me and enjoy the ride no matter what the weather!

Get In The Hot Spot

A blog for people who dream of a better life, by writer & travel fiend, Annabel Candy. Created to inspire people to go for their secret life goals and make sure their dreams come true. I write about travel, writing, Australia, living overseas and family life. From serious to sublime via seriously silly. It's inspiration, information and idiosyncrasies for living your dream.

The Encouragement Blog

A fantastic blog that offers encouragement and goes one step further by encouraging others through you.

Motivational Speaker

Craig Harper is a leading motivational speaker and educator. He is a highly sought-after corporate coach and is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development.

How to Living a Fullfilling Life?

Living, Learning and Sharing a Life Value (Motivation)(Inspiration)(Positive Attitudes)
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