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Adventure Australia

The Australian scientific, cultural, political and social environment. Australia's interaction in world affairs. Current activities and happenings in Australia. Keep up to date with Australian news and current affairs! Get a view on the news. Blog also contains Funny Animal Photos.


A interesting site full of fishing photos from my album,There is pics from my professional fishing career,friend pics and some amateur pics,enjoy!

FameCrawler at

Your Daily Celebrity Baby Fix. Celebrity parents - they're just like you! Except, you know, richer and more famous.

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- aRe yOu rEAdiNg tHiS? -

The life crazy things that happen in the life of a postgrad student in Perth.


sweet bits and pieces to wander through

I dont like it

The normal collection of stuff from a girl who blogs to pass the time while at work. This blog isn't actually about stuff I don't like...I am really a very happy person.

The Crikey Files - The Official Site of Mike and Elena

CRIKEY, Did someone say Mike & Elena?? Welcome to the blog of Mike & Elena. We are newly-weds who met online from opposite sides of the world who live in Australia. Here is our online diary


the day to day life of a 22 year old male from Brisbane
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