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Gabrielle Bryden's Blog

Gabrielle Bryden is an Australian writer and poet living in a small village on the shores of Hervey Bay, Queensland. She is also an autism advocate and mother of a child with high functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome. Her blog includes poetry, stories, photography, and articles on autism spectrum disorder.

Inspirations For Christians

A Wonderful Inspirational 80 Page Website designed especially for Christians with Beautiful Poems and Lovely Worship Songs. This Pretty Colourful website has a Blog with Thoughtful Inspirational Posts. The owner of this Website is a Christian Writer and Poet with a few different websites and Blogs, well loved. I would like to see you there.......Come and ENJOY!

Burbujas de Carne

Personal Gay Blog

Enough said...

My Spot

Life's little truths, poems, arts and crafts, links, and much much more

Poems - by Susannah

Daily posts covering all aspects of poetry and poets.
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