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Jeremy's Little Corner of the Web...

Rants, raves and whinges on technology, computers, music and life in general.

Shane's node on the internet


Nathanael's blog on web development, accessibility and music.


Web design, marketing, coding, management, and other related ramblings.


Random outings from a chaotic mind

kay lives here

Kay is a web developer in Perth, Western Australia. She rants here, mostly about ColdFusion and Fusebox, when the mood takes her, which as you can see is not all that often.

Are you paying attention?

Touchstone is a heads-up-display for your life. Subscribe to what matters, set rules for what's important and keep up-to-date while you work. The blog tracks the development and musings from the team.

Exception is the Soul of Humanity

Go see for yourself... or don't. It's up to you.

Mykre's Space

Managed DirectX, XNA and Game Programming
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