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For Seniors Retirement Guide

For Seniors is a guide to the Internet designed specifically for senior citizens. We aim to cover a wide range of topics specific to senior needs and address topics in a way that makes it easier for those with less experience with computers and the internet to understand. Our focus is on a practical and hands-on approach to using the Internet for seniors. We give you the information on what is available and how to use it, but expect you to give things a go and try for yourself. We also cover topical issues for seniors, those approaching retirement age and anything our readers suggest.

Robbiebago - Grey nomad caravan adventures

We are 2 road tripping grey nomads, who built our own caravan and are travelling around various parts of Australia. Though this blog started out and continues to be a more personal blog, it is slowly expanding along with our experinces to include resources to help others plan to get the most out of travelling in a caravan, motorhome or other RV. It includes recipes, humour and planning/organization. We are even thinking of converting a bus into a motorhome - we still love our caravan, but a motorhome offers different advantages we wish to explore. Come see what we do.

The Sixty Zone

The object of my blog is to put down my thoughts and everyday occurrences in a light-hearted manner which will provide a laugh and a bit of entertainment for anyone who is bored enough to have a read.
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