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NoClothesNoShoes (NCNS) is back for 2012 because... I just can't be trusted. I survived 2010 not buying clothes and shoes, but 2011 saw me spiral into my usual uncontrolled spending habits. Things are desperate. I need to save money otherwise I won't be able to pay the school fees. so in 2012, not only will I not buy clothes and shoes, I won't buy teapots, mass produced Chinese urns or all the other stuff I insist on filling my small house with. I buy frivolous things all the time and I wonder why I'm still in the ranks of the working poor.

Fitness 4 life

Welcome to Fitness 4 Life, I decided to start this site to share my knowledge and experiences on getting fit and living a healthier life. I am just an average guy working a 9 to 5 job. About nine months ago I realized how unfit I had become and how much of an unhealthy life style I was living. After breaking up with my girlfriend of 7 years I found my self drinking too much and eating the wrong foods. I had low self-steem and lacked motivation. I felt like I was in a ditch and couldn’t get out.

Group Games & Activities Database is an innovative online platform that equips teachers, corporate trainers and camp leaders with the skills and strategies they need to deliver remarkably fun and meaningful group-based programs.

You will find a variety of practical resources, including:
• Free downloads, ebooks and video tutorials;
• Access to the largest online activity database in the world;
• Online tutorials for beginners and experienced practitioners;
• Practical training and professional development workshops; and
• One-on-one professional coaching programs.

Run, Tom, Run!

From 0 to 21km in 14 weeks. Training for the Sydney Half Marathon with CanToo to raise money for the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation. A world without cancer: nothing less.

Red Zone

Red things. Not so Red things.
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