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As well as forty years of photographing Australian flora and fauna and even more of photographing the social life of Australians I have included my writing on both of these themes. Hopefully humorous and insightful, you'll have to be the judge. An ongoing feature is the social comic or illustrated disaster story of young Paul as he journeys through life.


"Cush over Cairns" is an irreverent, skitterish satire, examining local politics, the role of the media and the community of Cairns in Far North Queensland. Follow the antics of Mayor Colonel (Retired) Ken Cush and his Council written with humour and wit in regular episodes by local writer, Terry Vance.

The Midnight Ramblings of a Would-Be Renaissance Man

A collection of humorous prose and whatever other absurdities pop into my mind in the small hours of the morning.

Mind The Gap

A very funny satirical blog about Australian news, current events, politics and entertainment. Sydney's most popular A4 commuter magazine. - Professional Attention Seeker - Professional Attention Seeker is Charlotte Wildsmith's blog and features Charlotte's photos and fiction. Nothing is for sale on this blog, it exists entirely for entertainment value and for art's sake. Content is suitable for a mature audience. Photos are often erotic in nature with implied nudity. Models are Australian, Gold Coast, boys and girls - professional and very beautiful. (The photographs that are featured are unusual and don't conform to conventional techniques.)

Australia Online

A quirky look at Australia online; from dating sites, to stalking the politicians myspace pages - we cover all the, trivial but oh so important things online!

Beyond the Fringe

Political commentary spiced with cartoons and humour.

Atomic Dynamyte

satire black comedy funny hysterical stupid silly sydney australia australianblog atomicdynamyte dynamite samgranleese funny awesome dudeman cool

You Can't Coach That

My comments and ramblings on the world around me.

Renegade Science

Video science podcasts with an edgy and satirical point of view defending and promoting science.
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