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Simply Living Modestly

Living life without too many takeaways, and fresh country air. We preserve our food when we have the time and are on the lookout for interesting ingredients. Some of our meals are meatless. Other simple living subjects covered.


About a family living in remote Australia.


Simple Living... Frugality... Gardening... Cooking From Scratch... Knifty Knitter Projects. All these and more you might find on this blog. I hope you enjoy the simple thoughts, musings and happenings from a stay at home mum in the country.

Living Simply Living

my blog about making changes to be more eco friendly, to consider the environment in my life and choices, to blog about my garden and projects along the way, to share my op shop scores and more :)

Down to Earth

Living simply in a complex world

Consumption Rebellion

All about how I will meet my personal challenge of not buying anything brand new for a year. Wish me luck!

Towards Sustainability

A newbie to green living, blogging about her efforts to reduce her familys ecological footprint.
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