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Inverted Reality

apple, linux, gadgets, toys, tech, and personal stuff

Aussie Hip Hop

This site contains rythmical rhymes incorporating Aussie Colloquialisms!

Personal and Spiritual Musings

Stuff about a seeker trying to sort himself out.

Little Lead Pencil

A blog of dreary proportions; dull, uninteresting and Adelaidean.

I dont like it

The normal collection of stuff from a girl who blogs to pass the time while at work. This blog isn't actually about stuff I don't like...I am really a very happy person.


A Sad Geek living in Fremantle...

Eglantine's Cake

Penni Russon is a fiction author and editor, living in Melbourne's inner North. She blogs about writing, life, music, her kids, and the great, nebulous, gravitational force in all our lives: stuff.

Book Studio

Find out what's happening in a small shared studio within a large art school within a larger university... in Canberra
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