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Pedalling around Sydney for fun and profit, preaching to the converted and trying to spread the cycling message to the non-converted.


Mostly a family photo blog about raising children and stuff that I do with a little tech thrown in.


Alot of techno babble, rants and raves. That is what this blog is about. Jokes, adult entertainment, serious stuff will all make an apperance.

Just another web/blog space; originally established years ago.

My Darkest Desires

The Australian Index

A blog about blogging in Australia

Sydney Diary

Sydney Diary produces daily content that details interesting events and entertainment happening in Sydney.

Sydney Events

Major events in Sydney are discussed


Sydney librarian: all things techno


It's really just a load of stuff about my family, my life, my city and there's a bit thrown in about things that annoy, amuse or enthrall me, you know, a blog.
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