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Tres Fab Sweetie!

This blog contains the usual eclectic ramblings and interests of a 45 year old gay, sober and clean, tattooed and pierced, vegetarian Buddhist, living in trendy Newtown in inner-city Sydney, Australia, with my boyfriend and a pet feline diva called Oscar. At Tres Fab Sweetie you can expect plenty of gratitious eye candy, the latest news, celebrity, some gossip, fun and humour, faabulous music and fashion and lots more.

Diary of an Extra

Diary of an Extra is true accounts of my life as a professional film and television extra. It covers stupid things I've done on set, people I've met and jobs I've had, from being one in a crowd of 300 to performing opposite the male lead of a TV series. It's a light hearted look at the industry and a great way to learn about the business!

TV Series Galore

Australian TV blog with news, reviews, opinion, gossip, scheduling amendments and tv series dvd releases aimed at the Australian television viewer.

Happy Endings

A personal blog about stuff I like - mainly music, TV and funny stuff. Perhaps you like some of what I like!

Oh Errol

Oh Errol is a collaborative blog written by a group of overeducated, underemployed, un-PC, loud, boozy, Australian girls.


Free High Definition internet television channel broadcasting in Spanish language from Australia

Give Me The Remote

Commentary about advertisements and television shows on Australiain TV.

Defamer Australia - celebrity news and gossip

Defamer Australia is a pop and celebrity culture focused blog that enthusiastically dissects the goings on of the Aussie showbiz scene while also commenting on the global entertainment industry from an Australian perspective.


This popular cult blog is the often bizarre creation of journalist, Aaron Darc (published by the likes of Sydney Morning Herald), and features controversial musings on popular culture, society and human nature.
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